If you’re a woman looking to stop making excuses and level up on the road toward your goals, then Jessica’s programs are just what you need to start living your best life and impacting those around you.

31 Day Challenge for Women 

Experience 31 daily challenges alongside like-minded women that will grow you both mentally and physically. Jessica is confident that you’ll be a new woman by the end — the woman you were always meant to be. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Community: You’ll join a WhatsApp group with Jessica and 24 other women to establish a core community throughout the challenge.
  • Inspiration: If you don’t have a copy of Jessica’s book already, you’ll need to get one so you can read it for a few minutes every day. 
  • Activity: Every day, you will be required to mentally or physically exercise. Each day includes a movement challenge like pushups or squats, as well as a mental challenge that will help you break past your barriers and level up as a woman.
  • Communication: Each day, the WhatsApp group will be active as you and your fellow women share your experiences and help each other improve.
  • Consistency: If you can make it, the weekly zoom call will prove to be a valuable part of your growth journey. If you can’t make a call, don’t worry — they’re all recorded so you can catch up. 

Your new life is ready to begin! Head over to Jessica’s 31 Day Challenge page to learn more. 

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Jessica’s Book

Jessica’s book It’s My Turn! 31 Daily Challenges for Women will challenge and stretch you as you seek to become the best woman you can be. You’ll gain valuable insight as you experience this easy-to-read book, written in Jessica’s direct, “no-excuses” style. Join women around the country in starting your own growth journey!

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The Sisterhood 

Keep your life-changing journey going with the sisterhood! Jessica’s sisterhood is a tight circle of high-performing women who sharpen one another daily. Please note that entry into the sisterhood is invite-only, exclusive to the best of the best who complete the 31-Day Challenge.

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