Meet Jessica Gandara

Meet Jessica Gandara

I was born in Elizabeth, NJ and raised in Miami, FL. At the age of 16, I found myself facing a dangerous disease: cancer. It was a battle that tested my resilience and determination, and I ultimately came out victorious. This life-altering experience reshaped my aspirations. It directed me towards a profound path of making a difference in the world.

Originally, my career goals leaned towards education. I wanted to become a teacher, but life had other plans for me. After overcoming cancer, I made a pivotal decision to pursue a career in nursing. I wanted to help people the same way the nurses helped me when I was sick. I started my journey by attending Mercy Hospital’s School of Practical Nursing to get my licensed degree.
During graduation, I found out I was nominated by my peers and teachers for the Florence Nightingale award. This not only validated my commitment but also provided financial relief by covering a semester's worth of books in my next adventure, which was attending Miami Dade College for my registered nurse license.

I was surprised a few semesters into my college career with a scholarship from Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Pinelas. This scholarship recognized my journey of surmounting obstacles, thriving as a cancer survivor, and refusing to make excuses for myself. It helped pave the way for me to study nursing at Miami Dade College, furthering my knowledge and skills in the field.

By the age of 21, I was lucky enough to marry my soulmate. We got married in 2002 and have enjoyed an amazing marriage and have been blessed with four wonderful children. My husband worked hard and grew an apparel business which I helped manage while working as a nurse. After a few years and amazing growth in our business, I “retired” from the nursing field and committed myself to serving as a room mom in our kids’ school and eventually took on the role of PTA Chair.

One of my most notable achievements during this time was the inception of our school's inaugural Family Fun Night series. From a mere idea presented to the principal came an event that united over 900 community members. Mobilizing the community, securing sponsorships, fostering engagement, and having a great time being physically active resulted in my nomination and win of the Broward County District Family and Community Engagement Outstanding Person of the Year Award. The Family Fun Night series, now in its 8th year, continues to be a much anticipated tradition in our community.

In addition to my commitment to family and community, I'm a passionate fitness enthusiast. I firmly believe in the importance of taking care of our mental and physical bodies. My personal journey serves as a testament to the power of resilience, compassion, and dedication, and I remain committed to empowering others to overcome their own challenges and lead their best lives.

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