Meet Joel and Jessica Gandara

Joel and Jessica Gandara have been married for over twenty years, and in that time, they’ve sharpened each other and helped each other become better in both body, mind, and spirit. They’re passionate about sharing their knowledge with others, believing fully that a life by design is the key to becoming the best possible version of yourself . Click below to learn more about Joel and Jessica, and discover each of their incredible life stories that brought them to where they are today!

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31 Days to Become a Better Man by Joel Gandara

Joel has compiled and condensed his most life-changing insight in this easy-to-read book that is guaranteed to make you rethink your shortcomings and realize your full potential. The definition of masculinity has been changing in recent years, and you need this book to be reminded of what it means to be a man. Combine this with Joel’s one-on-one sessions and group classes, and you’re guaranteed to start seeing your life change through hard work and determination! Your journey of reaching your goals starts here. 

It’s My Turn! 31 Daily Challenges for Women by Jessica Gandara

Women face unique challenges on the road to living their best lives while still investing in the people who rely on them every day. In her book, Jessica lays out a “no excuse” framework for how women can channel their passions, reach their goals, and start living their best lives. Women can also participate in Jessica’s courses for even more life-changing results!


Do I need to download WhatsApp?

Yes, once the program starts, you will need to download WhatsApp in order to communicate with all challengers and the coach.

How often do we meet on zoom?

We meet once a week via zoom. (All meetings will be recorded)

Do we work through the weekend too?

Yes, we do 31 consecutive days. Discipline is key.

How much of a time commitment per day will it be?

About 3-5 min a day of reading and roughly 15-30 min of action divided up throughout the day.

Will I be assigned a partner?

Yes, you will have multiple accountability partners to check in with.


What impact does the 31 Daily Challenge actually have?

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