31 Day Virtual Challenge Course for Women - It's My Turn!


31 Days for Women is a challenge designed by Jessica Gandara to help you level up and become a better woman. Feeling burnt out? Struggling to keep up with your family’s needs? Lacking motivation to improve your relationships and level up in your life? This challenge is for you!

Here’s what the challenge entails:

  • Community: You’ll join a WhatsApp group with Jessica and 24 other women to establish a core community throughout the challenge.

  • Inspiration: If you don’t have a copy of Jessica’s book already, you’ll need to get one so you can read it for a few minutes every day. 

  • Exertion: Every day, you will be required to mentally or physically exercise. This can be something as physically taxing as a workout regimen or as nuanced as stepping out of your comfort zone to impact someone positively.

  • Communication: Each day, the WhatsApp group will be active as you and your fellow women share your experiences and help each other improve, day after day.

  • Consistency: You should plan to attend the weekly zoom call. If you can’t make one, don’t worry — they’re all recorded so you can catch up. 

Jessica’s Guarantee

If you gave it everything you had and still feel that the challenge did not make you a better woman, simply email support within a week of completing the challenge. We’ll refund you right away, no questions asked. 

Join Now and Start Your Transformation!

Embark on this powerful path to self-discovery and achievement with relentless support from Jessica and a community of forward-thinking women.

Book: I need a book !

I need a book !
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Date: July 10 2024 Class 004

July 10 2024 Class 004
August 7 2024 Class 007 (Spanish)
September 18 2024 Class 006
August 07 2024 Class 007

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