About the Sisterhood

Our Mission

The Sisterhood was created as a maintenance program after the completion of a 31-Day course. Our program builds on what we started in the 31-Day Challenge, making sure the skills and connections you make stick around for lasting success. We are committed to providing women with the resources and support needed to achieve long-term personal growth and development.

Our Philosophy

We believe that true success comes from sustained effort and continuous improvement. The power of community and the support that comes with it is crucial to achieving this success. The Sisterhood is committed to creating a supportive network of women who share common goals. Here, we encourage, motivate, and challenge each other to grow and achieve our aspirations together.


The Sisterhood embraces exclusivity, with membership reserved for those who were engaged, brought value, showed support and diligently worked in our 31-Day Challenge. Those individuals receive a personal invite from Jessica Gandara. Personal invitations also ensure that our community is comprised of individuals who are aligned with our values and goals. Our exclusivity nurtures trust and accountability, fostering deeper connections and stronger support for each member's journey to success.

Our Approach

Our focus is on building a community and fostering accountability. We believe success is achieved by surrounding oneself with women who share a common goal. Through a supportive network and ongoing challenges, we motivate our members to stay on their journey of self-improvement. Access to industry experts provides valuable knowledge and resources to enhance personal growth and development.

Joining the Sisterhood

Becoming a part of The Sisterhood opens the door to a community of women committed to personal growth and development. Through ongoing communication, exciting challenges, deep dive conversations and connections with industry experts, our program provides the resources to sustain the progress achieved in the 31-Day Challenge and beyond.

How to Join the Sisterhood

Membership is a privilege that is earned by successfully completing the 31-Day Challenge and receiving a personal invitation from Jessica Gandara. We believe that this exclusivity helps to create a supportive network of like-minded women who are committed to personal growth and development.

If you are ready to take the next step in your personal growth and development and feel that you are worthy of The Sisterhood, complete the 31-Day Challenge and apply today!.

Join the Sisterhood