Sponsor a Veteran/Active Duty/Reservist


Chances are, you're someone who holds deep respect for those who have dedicated themselves to serving their country. While it's commonplace to express gratitude to veterans for their service and declare support for their well-being, true commitment shines through when you actively engage in supporting them. One impactful way to do so is by sponsoring them for their participation in programs like "31 Days to Become a Better Man." By providing this sponsorship, you offer tangible support that can empower veterans on their journey toward personal growth and fulfillment. It's more than just words; it's a meaningful gesture that can make a lasting difference in the lives of those who have selflessly served their nation.

If you've done the 31 Days to Become a Better Man course then you know first hand what this program did for your life.  Let's do this for a veteran.

Each sponsorship purchased on the site will go directly to a U.S. veteran, an active duty serviceman, or a reservist, to take the course.