The Brotherhood is available exclusively to graduates of a 31 day class and by personal invitation from Joel Gandara only.

The Brotherhood was specifically designed for men who have successfully completed our 31-Day Challenge. Our goal is to ensure that the skills you have learned and connections you have made during the challenge are solidified and maintained for long-term success.

The Brotherhood is the highest level in our organization.  It is comprised of our top members, who not only have the financial means, but also the highest desire to continue to growth in all aspects of their lives.

What's included with membership in the Brotherhood:

* Private WhatsApp Group: Connect with a supportive network of like-minded, high level men and receive encouragement and motivation on a daily basis.

* Multiple Zoom Meetings each month.  Join us for meetings where you can connect and discuss your progress and challenges.

* Weekly Challenge: Stay on track and continue to grow with weekly challenges designed to help you achieve your goals.

* Private Presentations from Industry Experts: Learn from experts in various fields and gain insights on how to improve all areas of your life.

* 20% off one-on-one coaching with Joel Gandara.

* Invitation to the exclusive annual retreat, which has a cost, but is limited to a small number of Brotherhood members.

* Invitation to multiple free events put on for the Brotherhood throughout the year.

The Brotherhood is the strongest men's group you will find.  These are top notch individuals, mostly successful entrepreneurs who are here to grow, while at the same time help you on your journey.  

Only sign up if you have personally been contacted and invited by Joel Gandara.



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